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Some psychology of the 'collective'

The tie between the individual and the various collective he belongs to, and live within is still an unexplored area of ontological and metaphysical research. This area should have been an integral part of the study of the 'self' and 'entity' of man, as man's overt self, the entity known to himself and others, is a direct product of the 'collective'. ( Please share our dedicated philosophical work on the role of 'world' that act as a 'canvass', or 'space' for individual-egos to place-themselves in, at link: .blogspot.inselfandworldblogs)

The role and relevance of 'family atmosphere' and parents 

In simple language and understanding, we often say, 'family atmosphere' makes or breaks a man. This simply means and reiterates the central role of the most fundamental of human-collective, the parents, in creating an appropriate 'family' atmosphere for grooming the children in the 'right' way, or in the non-positive and 'wrong' way. This basic role of one's immediate 'collective' then extents to one's school and its 'atmosphere', the friends and peers-circle that the ward shares, the atmosphere at the work place when he grows-up as an adult, and then the 'atmosphere' of his country as a citizen, - -the impersonal and indirect 'collective'. Lastly, there comes the role and 'atmosphere' of one's age, or that of the 'world' he lives in, and belongs to !

If the 'family' certainly has a proven and evident psychological role in grooming the individual, there definitely have similar roles for the school, the peer-group, the work-place and then the country and the larger world.

The irrefutable responsibility of those are on the 'control' seats of all 'collective'

Who should be held responsible for making or breaking  the said 'atmosphere' at home, school, the peer-group, work-place, country and the world ? Without any doubt, the ones who hold 'control' at each of the above 'collective' ! This roles of 'control' could be 'natural' as at homes, peer-group ( because leader-ship in such groups occur naturally), but at schools, offices, country and the world, it is often matters of the general values, management -principles, political myths and norms, literary-influence, media-values and role etc.

What comes-out distinct and clear from the above seen central role of the 'collective' in grooming and influencing human-character is that, a whole lot depends upon the 'RESPONSIBILITY' of the ones in control of each type of collective! While the responsibility of the parents at home in upbringing the wards to be good human-beings, good for them-selves and for the world is undisputed, same is the role of the 'control-figures' at schools, peer-group, work-places, country and the world !

If the parents forget or ignore their such central responsibility in intentionally and painstakingly creating a happy, positive and healthy atmosphere at home, the children becomes hapless 'victims' of such atmosphere, like a bad,quality-less and defective factory from where bad and defective products come-out. Parents might also be hapless 'victims' of negative 'atmosphere' at their work-place, country and world, but their 'individual' responsibility must compel them to suppress all such negativity, and adopt and practice self-restraint and control over their such learned 'temperament', realizing their utmost 'responsibility' for NOT passing over such negativity into their children ! If they forget or ignore such utter responsibility, the wards will grow-up with negative character traits, and the parents themselves will have to suffer its direct-outcome when they will have to live with them at old age as dependents.

Similar is the nature of responsibility of the ones who run schools, work-places and countries. The ones in the 'control' seats can not and should not claim them-selves 'victims' of the negative treatment from the further-up larger 'collective',and act and rule arbitrarily over those who are under-them. Like in the example of parents above, they must intentionally and directly realize their responsibility as the 'canvass' and 'space' like role of the collective they exclusively 'constitute' and form, and ensure the 'atmosphere' of the collective under them to be conducive for grooming  positive lives !

The vicious and nasty nature of the larger 'collectives'; nations and the world!

At country and world level, unfortunately today, the systemic-set-up and the 'energies' ( the values, priorities, and chief concerns) in play, do not at all demand or calls for 'individual RESPONSIBILITY ! The 'control' system, ( politics) and the 'individuals' who seek to occupy such 'control' seats, do so, NOT out of any intention or interest to groom the rest of the people under their massive 'collective' to be positive men, but merely to relish the glory of such seats enjoy in the present-day world. Then, what such central collective of modern day ( especially political system of EQUAL- MEN- democracy) must represent to people ? It is a very serious and delicate theme, extremely relevant for modern age ! Please share our take at blog link:

Therefore, like wards get groomed under irresponsible and negative parents, most of the citizens in countries live negative and incomplete lives ! They do not realize their cosmic responsibility to remain as integrated entities with nature, as explained at our blog:

At the world stage, there is no agency today that internalize the role of 'control' group. The name sake entities like various UN agencies do not hold much respect, influence or independence in modern world. Member nations more or less act as personalized 'egos' of men, like 'hapless victims' groomed under irresponsible parents. In the above seen sense, modern world, and our age, is kind of ORPHANED in history...

The present, chaotic and violent atmosphere of the world

How important and real is the role of the 'collective' atmosphere is evident from today's increasingly violent, chaotic and directionless world! It all started first with the BREXIT in UK. Her majority opted to get out of the European Union and be herself. It was followed by the election of Donald Trump as US president, a visibly narrow-minded man, who keeps a mindset just opposite to what America used to keep since her inception;a tendency to shrink to her own interest, a tendency to oust the migrants from the country,( forgetting that, America herself is the largest Nation of migrants!) a hatred for Islam and Muslims etc.

The story of India is also not different. The largest democracy in the world abandoned her pluralism and embraced supremacy of the Hindu religion, who are 80% of her population.

What could be the sensible reason behind this sudden change of direction of the world? One obvious reason that emerges is the certain death of the prevailing Western Notion of free and open world, and her Globalism tendencies. This unprecedented tenet had started in America, as her founding fathers had declared, that 'rights and liberty of man were inalienable', and it was God or Nature desired. This tenet was ruling the world for 2-3 centuries. But when the majority of Nations abandoned Globalism and wanted to shrink to themselves, it indicated the failure Globalism and cosmopolitanism! Reason? When it was initiated, it was supposed to transform every man of the world into a progress seeking entity, leaving his local culture and adopting the tenets of a 'global-entity'! It has succeeded a lot! The entire world had adopted Western lifestyle, English language, Western kind of social and sexual freedom, a scientific outlook on life etc.  International business encouraged man to give lesser relevance to National borders, and people traveled to all destinations of world freely for trade related purpose.

But, PEW research reports says, despite this 2-3 century of PROGRESS of the world, it could progress the life of maximum 30% globally, though the percentage is different in different regions. In Europe, a good majority could enjoy the said 'economic progress' but inequality of income and social status prevailed there too.

What emerges is, the said Global tendency was not much around a genuine and real CULTURAL progress, but exclusively about economic progress! With it's above observed vast economic and 'progress' inequality, it failed to SUSTAIN as an ideal MODEL! Despite 2-3 century of its ways, number of people owning a car, or air-conditioner, Refrigerator, or having availed air-travel was limited to less than 30% of world population! The vast majority, ie. 70% of the world population stood unaffected with Global progress! They lived in a parallel world, through out the modern age!

Local cultures that were followed by common man died, thanks to the gigantic influx of Western Culture. Religions died, as people increasingly started believing in economic and physical progress only, as divine interventions lost its relevance.

It is said, the ordinary white working class Americans who were not part of the said Globalism were behind the electoral win of President Trump! People generally abandoned the kind of PROGRESS that was not theirs! They looked nostalgically at their old lives! They badly wanted to go back to the imaginary past, where they thought, they were more relevant and central!

So, when Americans wanted to go back to their past kind of life without alien Globalism, UK also desired the same kind of past. Indian Hindus started relishing the past glory of their native Religion, cultural supremacy of the upper caste etc.  We know, that politics of today is all about exploiting interests and dreams of MAJORITY public! If in USA, Trump was able to do this job beautifully, Modi was not behind in India!

Globalism burst, and here comes the reign of local cultures, religions, and Races!

Globalism, it is obvious now, was only a narrow strategy of the Industry for achieving Global markets for their products. It had no heart! It never intended to spread a civilized global-culture! So it naturally failed!

A central fact emerges here; yes, man indeed is depended on the image of the 'collective' for his self-constitution. It affects his outlook on life, self, and others. Education fundamentally is an 'initiation' of children into a particular world, a collective!

Modern psychiatry treats individuals when they suffer from mental health issues. It doesn't appear, that they have knowledge about the vital role of the 'world /collective' image also, in the mental health of individuals! ( below-posted blog dealt with it, in very detail:

Author: Abraham J.Palakudy
He is an ardent seeker and researcher on Mind,Reason,philosophy,spirituality and polity
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