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Some psychology of the 'collective'

The tie between the individual and the various collective he belongs to, and live within is still an unexplored area of ontological and metaphysical research. This area should have been an integral part of the study of the 'self' and 'entity' of man, as man's overt self, the entity known to himself and others, is a direct product of the 'collective'. ( Please share our dedicated philosophical work on the role of 'world' that act as a 'canvass', or 'space' for individual-egos to place-themselves in, at link: .blogspot.inselfandworldblogs)

The role and relevance of 'family atmosphere' and parents 

In simple language and understanding, we often say, 'family atmosphere' makes or breaks a man. This simply means and reiterates the central role of the most fundamental of human-collective, the parents, in creating an appropriate 'family' atmosphere for grooming the children in the 'right' way, or in the non-positive and 'wrong' way. This basic role of one's immediate 'collective' then extents to one's school and its 'atmosphere', the friends and peers-circle that the ward shares, the atmosphere at the work place when he grows-up as an adult, and then the 'atmosphere' of his country as a citizen, - -the impersonal and indirect 'collective'. Lastly, there comes the role and 'atmosphere' of one's age, or that of the 'world' he lives in, and belongs to !

If the 'family' certainly has a proven and evident psychological role in grooming the individual, there definitely have similar roles for the school, the peer-group, the work-place and then the country and the larger world.

The irrefutable responsibility of those are on the 'control' seats of all 'collective'

Who should be held responsible for making or breaking  the said 'atmosphere' at home, school, the peer-group, work-place, country and the world ? Without any doubt, the ones who hold 'control' at each of the above 'collective' ! This roles of 'control' could be 'natural' as at homes, peer-group ( because leader-ship in such groups occur naturally), but at schools, offices, country and the world, it is often matters of the general values, management -principles, political myths and norms, literary-influence, media-values and role etc.

What comes-out distinct and clear from the above seen central role of the 'collective' in grooming and influencing human-character is that, a whole lot depends upon the 'RESPONSIBILITY' of the ones in control of each type of collective! While the responsibility of the parents at home in upbringing the wards to be good human-beings, good for them-selves and for the world is undisputed, same is the role of the 'control-figures' at schools, peer-group, work-places, country and the world !

If the parents forget or ignore their such central responsibility in intentionally and painstakingly creating a happy, positive and healthy atmosphere at home, the children becomes hapless 'victims' of such atmosphere, like a bad,quality-less and defective factory from where bad and defective products come-out. Parents might also be hapless 'victims' of negative 'atmosphere' at their work-place, country and world, but their 'individual' responsibility must compel them to suppress all such negativity, and adopt and practice self-restraint and control over their such learned 'temperament', realizing their utmost 'responsibility' for NOT passing over such negativity into their children ! If they forget or ignore such utter responsibility, the wards will grow-up with negative character traits, and the parents themselves will have to suffer its direct-outcome when they will have to live with them at old age as dependents.

Similar is the nature of responsibility of the ones who run schools, work-places and countries. The ones in the 'control' seats can not and should not claim them-selves 'victims' of the negative treatment from the further-up larger 'collective',and act and rule arbitrarily over those who are under-them. Like in the example of parents above, they must intentionally and directly realize their responsibility as the 'canvass' and 'space' like role of the collective they exclusively 'constitute' and form, and ensure the 'atmosphere' of the collective under them to be conducive for grooming  positive lives !

The vicious and nasty nature of the larger 'collectives'; nations and the world!

At country and world level, unfortunately today, the systemic-set-up and the 'energies' ( the values, priorities, and chief concerns) in play, do not at all demand or calls for 'individual RESPONSIBILITY ! The 'control' system, ( politics) and the 'individuals' who seek to occupy such 'control' seats, do so, NOT out of any intention or interest to groom the rest of the people under their massive 'collective' to be positive men, but merely to relish the glory of such seats enjoy in the present-day world. Then, what such central collective of modern day ( especially political system of EQUAL- MEN- democracy) must represent to people ? It is a very serious and delicate theme, extremely relevant for modern age ! Please share our take at blog link:

Therefore, like wards get groomed under irresponsible and negative parents, most of the citizens in countries live negative and incomplete lives ! They do not realize their cosmic responsibility to remain as integrated entities with nature, as explained at our blog:

At the world stage, there is no agency today that internalize the role of 'control' group. The name sake entities like various UN agencies do not hold much respect, influence or independence in modern world. Member nations more or less act as personalized 'egos' of men, like 'hapless victims' groomed under irresponsible parents. In the above seen sense, modern world, and our age, is kind of ORPHANED in history...

The present, chaotic and violent atmosphere of the world

How important and real is the role of the 'collective' atmosphere is evident from today's increasingly violent, chaotic and directionless world! It all started first with the BREXIT in UK. Her majority opted to get out of the European Union and be herself. It was followed by the election of Donald Trump as US president, a visibly narrow-minded man, who keeps a mindset just opposite to what America used to keep since her inception;a tendency to shrink to her own interest, a tendency to oust the migrants from the country,( forgetting that, America herself is the largest Nation of migrants!) a hatred for Islam and Muslims etc.

The story of India is also not different. The largest democracy in the world abandoned her pluralism and embraced supremacy of the Hindu religion, who are 80% of her population.

What could be the sensible reason behind this sudden change of direction of the world? One obvious reason that emerges is the certain death of the prevailing Western Notion of free and open world, and her Globalism tendencies. This unprecedented tenet had started in America, as her founding fathers had declared, that 'rights and liberty of man were inalienable', and it was God or Nature desired. This tenet was ruling the world for 2-3 centuries. But when the majority of Nations abandoned Globalism and wanted to shrink to themselves, it indicated the failure Globalism and cosmopolitanism! Reason? When it was initiated, it was supposed to transform every man of the world into a progress seeking entity, leaving his local culture and adopting the tenets of a 'global-entity'! It has succeeded a lot! The entire world had adopted Western lifestyle, English language, Western kind of social and sexual freedom, a scientific outlook on life etc.  International business encouraged man to give lesser relevance to National borders, and people traveled to all destinations of world freely for trade related purpose.

But, PEW research reports says, despite this 2-3 century of PROGRESS of the world, it could progress the life of maximum 30% globally, though the percentage is different in different regions. In Europe, a good majority could enjoy the said 'economic progress' but inequality of income and social status prevailed there too.

What emerges is, the said Global tendency was not much around a genuine and real CULTURAL progress, but exclusively about economic progress! With it's above observed vast economic and 'progress' inequality, it failed to SUSTAIN as an ideal MODEL! Despite 2-3 century of its ways, number of people owning a car, or air-conditioner, Refrigerator, or having availed air-travel was limited to less than 30% of world population! The vast majority, ie. 70% of the world population stood unaffected with Global progress! They lived in a parallel world, through out the modern age!

Local cultures that were followed by common man died, thanks to the gigantic influx of Western Culture. Religions died, as people increasingly started believing in economic and physical progress only, as divine interventions lost its relevance.

It is said, the ordinary white working class Americans who were not part of the said Globalism were behind the electoral win of President Trump! People generally abandoned the kind of PROGRESS that was not theirs! They looked nostalgically at their old lives! They badly wanted to go back to the imaginary past, where they thought, they were more relevant and central!

So, when Americans wanted to go back to their past kind of life without alien Globalism, UK also desired the same kind of past. Indian Hindus started relishing the past glory of their native Religion, cultural supremacy of the upper caste etc.  We know, that politics of today is all about exploiting interests and dreams of MAJORITY public! If in USA, Trump was able to do this job beautifully, Modi was not behind in India!

Globalism burst, and here comes the reign of local cultures, religions, and Races!

Globalism, it is obvious now, was only a narrow strategy of the Industry for achieving Global markets for their products. It had no heart! It never intended to spread a civilized global-culture! So it naturally failed!

A central fact emerges here; yes, man indeed is depended on the image of the 'collective' for his self-constitution. It affects his outlook on life, self, and others. Education fundamentally is an 'initiation' of children into a particular world, a collective!

Modern psychiatry treats individuals when they suffer from mental health issues. It doesn't appear, that they have knowledge about the vital role of the 'world /collective' image also, in the mental health of individuals! ( below-posted blog dealt with it, in very detail:

Author: Abraham J.Palakudy
He is an ardent seeker and researcher on Mind,Reason,philosophy,spirituality and polity
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Is ' WORLD' an absolute object, or a relative and manipulable product?

The following is an extract from the peer-reviewers comment received from the Journal of American Philosophical Association, who has decided NOT to publish it,as they thought it was meant,more for laymen-audience: 


"This is an interesting and provocative paper.. but the article is not going to move philosophers working on topics the author discusses, and really seems intended for a lay audience,( though) this is a laudable undertaking... ".

John Heil
Journal of the American Philosophical Association Editorial Office

The irrefutable reality of the 'conceptual'world that exists parallel to the physical world

For every man in contemporary world, ' WORLD' is an irrefutably real object that he can not wish-away or ignore.It is more real an object, or reality than his own self. Often, his own reality is reiterated and realized on the strength of the ever bubbly, real world outside, because he is a part of it ! He often define standards of reality by comparing it with that of the 'world'.It is an essential 'mode' of perception of our realities. Kant had proposed that 'time' and 'space' constitute such mode of our perception. But, as one can not think of  'world' without evoking concepts of time and space, it is more sensible to bestow the 'mode of perception' status to the 'world'. It will open-up an altogether new area of study in philosophy.

It is just there outside, with its more than real sights, sound and momentum. Even if one doubts his own reality and sense-of-self, which could be his illusion, he would never doubt the ever-vibrant reality of the external world !

This 'notion of world' consist not only the physical world with its objects, but its value-system, myths, socio-political reality, ethos about mutual relations,and a lot more intangible properties of it.

Even when the past brilliant scientists doubted the reality of what they see with their naked eyes and ears about the actual facts of the universe, like the falsity of the dome-like sky above, and a Sun circling around the Earth every day, they never doubted the reality of the social and metaphysical reality of the ever moving 'world' outside ! The central doubts of those brilliant scientists had finally proved that, the blue-reality of the dome-like-sky above was an optical illusion; it was just the infinite, depth-less space above, that appeared to naked eyes as a blue-dome. Similarly, the ever revolving Sun around the Earth was discovered to be another optical illusion,and in reality, it was Earth that goes around the Sun !

A similar scientific revelation is yet to take-place about our psychic-illusion that WORLD ( in its sociological and metaphysical meaning) is NOT an absolute object, but only an extremely relative and manipulable product !

But no one can escape from wearing this illusion, very similar to the ones who are forced to wear the jail-uniform when one is in ! When one wears it, the self-identity changes automatically. Or, is it that wearing this identity is not a matter of option, but a metaphysical inevitability for all men in our age ? Exactly like each individual's modern-day 'sense of self' derived from his subjective notion of the world, the 'world' product is simply its ( the ego's) larger, or collective version !It is our collective 'ego' domain.

Kindly share our another blog, that explains how 'mind' had originated as a distinct 'organ' in the antiquity of time, and how it started making its own 'synthetic' realities, including that of the category of the 'world', at link:

If what we have proposed above is right, following questions will naturally arise:

a) What really is our notion of the 'world' ? How does it differ from 'Qualia' ?
b) If it is only an illusion, what is real about the ever bubbly and 'live' world outside ?
c) If it is a relative and manipulable product, who or what agencies are behind such acts ?
d) In what all role the 'world' affects the individual ?
e) Will a revolutionary different notion about the external world would alter the sense of self of individual men? If yes, in what all ways and manner ?
f) Can men could have a different sense of 'self' and reality, just by altering their notion of the external world?
g) The metaphysical relevance of the 'notion' of world for man, and his individual and social life ?
h) The science of Hypnotism is based predominantly on the power of 'suggestions'. Is the category of world a collective illusion formed by the power of suggestion of contemporary norms and values of society ?

Let us take-up each question above and attempt answers:

a) What really is our notion of the 'world' ?

From the moment every human-being born into the world, the reality he/she get familiar with is this object, world. Every sub-object he senses, starting from its mother, is a part of the external,the world. World is the 'container' that holds the child, and whatever he/she perceive around him, including, of-course, himself/herself.

The ultimate question here is, '  is the 'container' called the 'world' an absolute object that every child perceives the same way, of the same object ?

The answer is crystal clear; while a child born is America tastes an American world, a child in Africa tastes an African world ! The way the parents interact with the child, ( the cultural aspect) the general ambiance of the world etc. determines the kind of 'world notion' that the child gets.It is not the notion about an absolute world, good and same for every one, like the one and only Sun around which every planet in the solar-system circulates, that the human-offspring gets, but a hugely relative image of the world, depending upon the living standard of the parents, the nature of social relation that prevails in his immediate society, nature of the political and economic situation of the respective nation in which the child has born and grown-up etc decides the notion of the 'world' of every child.

But, luckily, when these children grow-up,and become a subscriber to the 'world idea' that modern Media outlets let every such subscriber relish, for them the world notion turns-out to be one.  These men, though had come from extremely different cultural and socio-political background, when exposed to one and the same world notion from modern media outlets, they start tasting a one, same-for-all world !

Media here have succeeded in creating a single world image for all, that it acts as one canvas where all men belong to. When these men starts subscribing to same kind of food-culture, same social values, same dress-pattern, same behaviour pattern..they tend to feel that the world they live-in is the same world, where every man lives !

This author leaves to valued readers, to decide whether there exists one single object called the world, or is it an absolutely relative product, wherein when an external agency creates the general impression of one world, every one succumb to that idea,or notion. Media creates a false 'canvas' of a particular kind of world, and when majority opt to belong to such a world-image, the very world-notion gets to become a single, good for all, tangible object.

How does it differ from Qualia ? Though it might appear at first thought that, both terms denote the same stuff, on final analysis it would come to light that while 'qualia' would include experience of the inner-realms also, ( emotional realm) 'world' mostly denote the external.

While 'world' can be easily and distinctly conceptualized as a single product or concept, qualia stands for an inner world, the world of the subjective man. While 'world' could be an item of qualia, it could never be otherwise, ie. qualia becoming a part of the 'world-notion'.

b) If it is only an illusion, what is real about the ever bubbly and 'live' world outside ?

If the 'world' is absolutely subjective to each person, why most of us find it a symbol of whatever is real ?
The answer is deeply metaphysical. The reason is based on the very root of each person's self, ie. the external world, as we have seen in the above para (a) World is the womb from where each self has born. Without relating to the world and its objective realities, one can not establish his own reality ! It is almost impossible for man to relate his existence to any other 'essence'beyond the world, and whatever knowledge its collective ( like science, state, political history and the history of thought and ideas) institutions have established.

Secondly, our language is a social product. Whatever we have in mind is stored there in the form of words, both for objects and ideas. language represents a huge quantum of images, emotions and relations, and even when one sits in isolation, such huge reservoir always keep the world-image vivid.

Thirdly, the world is where one gets his actions responded from other ' real' entities !When I sound a loud whistle into a forest, if I heard nothing in reply after repeated tries, I tend to conclude that there is no one over there. But, here in the world, whatever I do, even my body languages get a befitting response from others. In the emotional ties with others, especially in the romantic variety of movements, the response one gets is often so self-swaying and involving that, one is forced to judge them as the most real stuff about his very 'being' and existence !

Finally, the sheer number of other persons in the world, each person close to him too represent the world, the constant momentum is ensured. The constant companion of 'world-image', or the 'spirit' of the world within, is what accomplish his act of 'thought' too. Thought,as Plato had rightly observed long ago, is an act of internal conversation of man.( This very specific link explains this finding in detail:

 All the above factors, vastly aided by what modern media do; airing  its endless images, news, stories of people and what not, gives man an irresistible, and irrefutable sense of exclusive reality about the world.

When each person carries his absolutely subjective notion of the world, how could there exist an absolute 'object' called the world ? Plainly, world denotes only a certain 'mode'of consciousness of men. When they are in a crowd of some kind, every member such crowd gets into a certain 'bubble', or they internalize the 'category' of the world, or the collectivity ! Each man carries within his very particular and unique image of his world, ( or spirit of the world-SPOW) and his thought process is in-fact a conversation that his ego undertakes with the SPOW.

The most unfortunate lapse of man's science is that, she ignores the existence of this 'distinct' parallel energy system or 'organization', that exists along with the physical system of the world, that is more rooted and real than the physical counter-part. The physical world, if looked at very closely,would appear that, it was merely the architectural or structure realm of the the 'conceptual'. The 'conceptual' deserves to be called more a basic reality of life and existence ! 

c) If it is a relative and manipulable product, who or what agencies are behind such acts ? 

We already know the answer from the above 2 paras (a) and (b), our Media institution is the chief culprit in making our image of the world what it is. Before the emergence of printing technology, radio and television, each human society had believed that, the frontiers of their world was nothing beyond what they could travel. Thus, when the Biblical great flood occurred in Noah's time, Noah thought that the flood engulfed and annihilated the entire world !

Now, the frontiers of modern world is so varied and large that, no one community or individual is able to grasp its wideness at any given moment. Hence, each person keeps his own subjective picture ( or spirit) of the world, to interact with and constantly reviving and reiterating his self-image.

Obviously, the subjective picture one keeps about the external world dynamically alter him into a new kind of 'aggregate' that, all his future thoughts and acts would be the net-product of his new-aggregate state of self. Whenever he undergoes a new experience in life, he alters his stand as the old 'subject', for all new experiences. So, media and other mass-communication agencies and institutions in modern world, not only alter the world image every day, but also alter the 'subject' ( one who undergoes life experiences ) man too, as the receiver of new experiences.

Remember, media is only a technology 'means',( or a medium, a tool ) for other important hidden players to use them. Among these hidden players who could be directly held responsible for creating and manufacturing the 'world-image' are the POLITY of the day, and the INDUSTRY. Political institution is what defines and control what man should think, what to eat, what quality of life the they should lead, what degree of individual dignity and social and personal freedom they could enjoy, what one could learn, ( knowledge realm ) and what all work one could engage-in, and scores of other areas of human-life.

Let us just take few real world-examples here,about the very specific efforts made by political establishments in deciding what kind of 'world-image' its citizens should internalize: In a recent ( March 2015)'The Economist' newspaper article titled ' Class struggle', it reports the tactics China adopts to indoctrinate the minds of her citizens:

" On  February 6th, a commentary in 'people's daily',the party's main mouth-piece,quoted the party chief of Renmin University in Beijing as saying that Marxist thinking must "enter textbooks,enter classrooms, and enter brains"

Next is a direct account of how-come we live under the neo-liberal world, wherein everyone believes that other than the existing development-model of capitalism, no other model exists.

Susan George, a vivid activist against neo-liberalism, in a Conference paper on Economic Sovereignty in a Globalizing World, Bangkok, in March 1999, spoke; 

"Starting from a tiny embryo at the University of Chicago with the philosopher-economist Friedrich von Hayek and his students like Milton Friedman at its nucleus, the neo-liberals and their funders have created a huge international network of foundations, institutes, research centers, publications, scholars, writers and public relations hacks to develop, package and push their ideas and doctrine relentlessly.
They have built this highly efficient ideological cadre because they understand what the Italian Marxist thinker Antonio Gramsci was talking about when he developed the concept of cultural hegemony. If you can occupy peoples' heads, their hearts and their hands will follow. ...They have spent hundreds of millions of dollars, but the result has been worth every penny to them because they have made neo-liberalism seem as if it were the natural and normal condition of humankind. No matter how many disasters of all kinds the neo-liberal system has visibly created, no matter what financial crises it may engender, no matter how many losers and outcasts it may create, it is still made to seem inevitable, like an act of God, the only possible economic and social order available to us.
Let me stress how important it is to understand that this vast neo-liberal experiment we are all being forced to live under has been created by people with a purpose. Once you grasp this, once you understand that neo-liberalism is not a force like gravity but a totally artificial construct,..
So, from a small, unpopular sect with virtually no influence, neo-liberalism has become the major world religion with its dogmatic doctrine, its priesthood, its law-giving institutions and perhaps most important of all, its hell for heathen and sinners who dare to contest the revealed truth.." 

The same way Communist regimes resist the so called democratic values of the West, West too protect her 'sacred-doctrine' of the 'free-market' ideology! The truth- the universal elements that make human-beings really happy and contented-always lost in the middle, unsought and unattended.

Though Political institution is that decides the role and relevance of the industry in every country, for the kind of DEVELOPMENT the modern world is accustomed with, this whole and sole task is entrusted to the 'industry' sector by the former. Polity and Industry are in a close liaison, and at times in close competition about the kind of control that both have in society. The 24x7 assault by TV advertisements, added by the same in Radio and printed reading materials for unending consumer products and life amenity products, always define and control what-way, and how the 'world' product should take shape,and how it get translated itself as one of the most central item of 'experience' of man !

We have a firm assertion from Noam Chomsky, about the role of our so called open democratic regimes, and modern media institution that collude with them in keeping the 'Estate' of the people properly indoctrinated. In his talk delivered at University of Wisconsin - Madison, March 15, 1989, (Manufacturing consent) he came out with many authentic versions of modern regimes, including that of a well-known historian- presidential historian- Thomas Baily, who explained in 1948, that " because the masses are notoriously short-sighted . . . and if we continue this nonsense of trying to control them ( people) through elections, and that sort of thing, it's going to be necessary to have deception of the people, because the masses are too stupid and ignorant to understand the danger that's at their throat. And that's the role of the media, to carry out the appropriate deception" ( see link:

The fact of our world being a manufactured object needs no more evidence !

Then we have our religious institutions and educational institutions and agencies, who too often join the lot of the above two agencies in coloring our world with their ideologies, images and slogans.

d) In what all role the notion of the 'world' affects the individual ?

This question could be the least explored under any branch of human-knowledge. Though we have 'sociology', it analyses society, not 'world' in its metaphysical and psychological sense. As seen from the above paras, 'world' is distinctly different a category than human-society. It is hugely much more than mere society, though the 'others' as a whole form a central aspect of the 'world' category for man. It is everything as a whole that the self perceives as 'external' to him.

1) We have learned from above paragraphs that 'world' is the very womb of the birth of man's worldly entity, the ego. Most men and cultures ( like the present western-culture) end-up living their lives as this world-related entity, though even this kind of an origin of their 'self' is not recognized and accepted by the West. West simply see their physical self as the ultimate entity, while looking at every other feature that can not be explainable under physical-laws by the name 'consciousness'. They believe, 'consciousness' is a product of the brain-cells. They reject every other explanation and dynamics that points-out to an equally sensible 'organization' that leads to the origin and working of man's self, and its intangible habitat, the 'world'. Similar to known laws that determine the movement of physical bodies, we observe that, origin and movement of the intangible 'self of man'  in the intangible 'world' as its space and habitat is also equally sensible existential reality.

2) We have seen the other two most central roles of 'world' in the above paras, ie. its role as the 'canvas' wherein the ego belongs itself, and makes its entity 'real', and then, in the use of it as the much inevitable 'spirit' of the world role, that is essential for his act of thought.(para 'b'above )

If modern psychology shift their centrality from 'individual' to the above two roles of the 'world', it could be major, very fruitful paradigm shift !Most of the known neurosis could trace its origin as 'other' related, or 'other' born. They are caused by the failure of the patient to cope-up with the pressures of living with others. Or, to be more specific, the 'world' image ( or the SPOW-spirit of the world) of the patient and others in his immediate surroundings are quite different !

3) The most specific role of the 'world' is that, it acts acts as the 'space' for the intangible entity-ego, or the 'world-self'. We know that every physical object in the world needs a physical 'space'to occupy itself. Likewise, every human-entity as an intangible 'spirit', ( one can not see or touch one's, or other's inherent and unique personality or 'spirit', so it is an intangible entity) needs a certain kind of intangible 'space' to occupy itself. 'World' acts here as this 'intangible' space to occupy itself ! When one thinks of the 'world', it is not only its physical features that come to his mind,but a strange mixture of peoples faces, the attitudes of men he deals with, the general disposition of the society ( is it generally violent or harshly competitive, or mutually assisting and helpful) the nature and tone of news and stores he gets from Media sources, the religious myths and images, the major social and economic myths and norms, and a lot more similar intangible aspects of this 'space'.

Whatever he choose to gather and keep from the above mix/flux as one's world-image could be called as his 'mind-habitat'. He ( or his intangible self) lives there, like the habitat where he physically dwell.

e)Will a revolutionary different notion about the external world would alter the sense of self of individual men? If yes, in what all ways and manner ?

Suppose there appears a news-item in all media outlets in the world tomorrow that,  'science has found grounds to belief in the authenticity of human soul', or in the 'extra sensory perception' ?  Such grounds if supported by the typical method of science, ie. data and evidence gathered from research endeavors etc, suddenly, majority of men in the world would start seeing life and existence in a new light ! Life will instantly gain certain new depth and meaning in the mainstream !

Or,if such a news item is about an ordinance by a government making it 'unlawful to violate the dignity of a citizen' by any government agency, or any government official ?  No explanations required to prove the sudden alteration of 'reality' in the minds of all men in that particular country. Yes...changes that happen in our perception of the world will instantly change our thoughts and behaviour pattern.Such changes in the perception of the external world would immediately alter the way each person looks at himself and others !

It is similar to the way a great flood,or a typhoon in any region- a physical event-that affects a particular region; or like the new awareness about the effects of man-made atmospheric pollution. If the physical events affects the physical aspects of living, the intangible sudden alterations in our perception of the world too alters our attitudes, values and mutual-relations.

Routine practices, values and attitudes towards others and world in the society are the chief factors that define and determine individual bahavior.If an individual has suffered great hostility from the world and its members, each and every object and men in the world would appear to him as enemy, or at least as hostile towards him ! Here, he would turn a neurotic victim.

Another example is that, as police and government officials represents the direct POWER of the State, their victims,ie. the citizens, suffer oppression from the hands of the former due their representing a certain old way of the world ! Police-men, when they internalize the evil-spirit of the state power, they turn monsters, leaving behind their individual selves as co-citizen of the ones they oppress. It means, a deliberately or even naturally propagated 'idea', or notion of the impersonal world could isolate, and even get individuals 'stranded' at the strange, stand-alone island called the 'world' ! During Hitler's Holocaust, citizens in Germany had internalized the dangerous 'collective-world' idea that their leader had instilled in them. Such instilled notions could deprive man from the parallel 'organization' and energies that originally supposed to rule his status and role in existence. World notion could act as a vicious cloud that could blind man from his natural tie with existential energies and essence. If mankind believe that, individuals could take their-own moral, ethical and spiritual paths independent of in what shape the general world is, it is an absolutely wrong notion !

For yet another example, we know that, in the not very antique past, the lower caste-men in some of the Indian regions ( say, the region of Kerala, in the Southern corner of India) were supposed to yell-out as they walk, a particular cry, ('ohoy') in order to warm the approaching upper-caste men, that 'an untouchable' person is approaching. Such warning cry used to help the upper-caste men to walk away into such distances that is beyond the 'polluting' range of the lower-caste man ! Such sense of ugliness about their 'self' was deliberately instilled in the minds of the lower-class men ( the untouchables) that, it remains there for generations after generations.

In the middle ages, if it was Church, Feudal Lords or higher caste men that reigned the minds of man, it is today our scientists, political leaders and corporate houses that reign-over our lives.Man's basic reasoning and logic too, originally flow-out,or derives from such base world-view of every age.

 Thought and behaviour of each person, if observed closely, are the indirect products of such base-line world-view each person keeps. Modern word is yet to recognize the said, central role of an age's 'mother' premises ( mother world-view) as the base source from where rest all sub-logic and sub-reasoning flows out. Logical consistency, if derives only from localized causes and Logic, such Logic is no logic at all, in the strict sense.They are like logic of animal species, exclusively born-out from survival and hunting needs. They are logic of convenience and practicability. Such Logic would face serious defect of 'inconsistency' if the arguments crosses local grounds,and proceeds deeper into basic tenets of the world-view of an age,or society. ( please see a dedicated study on the said theme,at blog link:  - - last sub-heading)

The above facts about the fundamental origin of Logic and reasoning basics of an age were mentioned just to point-out that, world-views of an age, or that of nations must be derived from the deep most or bottom most tenets of the inherent moral and ethical principles that every age possess.Every sub-layer of human activity must be able to logically reducible to, or consistent to such mother principles and tenets. Defending localized thoughts, ideas and attitudes for the sake of social and political advantages are sins against the very nature of logic and reason. ( for further reading on this important and very specialized subject, refer book link:, or blog link:

f) Can men could have a different sense of 'self' and reality, just by altering their notion of the external world?

The answer is, of course, yes ! Enough examples have been seen at the above section (e). The role of the 'self' in creating its own very entity itself from one's world around, was narrated in the above sections.The general 'notion' that an age keeps about its 'world' is what defines and contribute to the 'reality' notions of its men.
This is not to hint or mean that the self, as well as what it experience as the external 'world' are unreal, or fantasy. The intention was to assert the equally scientific way in which the parallel world of concepts and perceptions work.

g) The metaphysical relevance of the 'notion' of world for man, and his individual and social life ?

The mere physical entity of man would be a piece of dead-wood if the mind mechanism is not within. To understand mind ( or consciousness) as mere manifestation of the the body (  the physical) would be equal to belittling the equally complex, but real,parallel system of the conceptual.It makes much greater sense to understand the physical system as mere 'means' and structural system to carry the former, the more real end theme of existence !

An excessively projected 'conceptual world', at the cost of ignoring man's yet un-revealed and un-solevd metaphysical root of existence, would be similar to uprooting all vegetation from the soil and planting them at artificial platforms above earth surface, for better productivity or whatsoever. The more the 'world' concept move-away from the root reality of the integrated relation between man and nature, and man and existence, it becomes more and more difficult for individual man to cope-up with such life ! He will always have to nurture a sense of uprooted-ness, or spiritual emptiness ! This is what causes increasing tendency of suicides, depressions and strained human-relations. Any institution, value, myth,conventions and traditions unrelated to the root reality of human-emotions, universal aspirations and similar mind-needs would end-up in synthetic models of life. ( Those interested can share a blog on what 'integrity with existence' means, at link:

Our all defining institution of present day- POLITICS ridden State-, a means that evolved to achieve certain collective objectives of human-communities, has unfortunately reign in the world as an end in itself ! Human life has become a means for modern politics-ridden democracies to enact their ends. Emotional and metaphysical relevance of human-life has almost got extincted from human-societies. Man has turned a domesticated political animal reared by States for their own sake ! That burdensome and heavy world-image is something that an individual will find it extremely difficult to get rid-off, and save himself from !

The conceptual world has turned a tool, or a commercial commodity that could used by those who has selfish interests, like say the reigning political players, the Media, and the industry. Their thoughtless and unprincipled moves, acts and strategies have transformed modern world into a wild-jungle, where plain reason and even common-sense has lost centrality. Its empty corpulence is increasingly making individuals tiny and irrelevant; reason being, where the canvas gets bigger, the object in the canvas looks smaller. Canvas gains more relevance than the object in it !

Peril of simple reason is the most unfortunate result of the above. There is no rational direction to guide human-thought and behaviour. What indirectly and silently rule modern world are the dangerous values depicted at blog: 

There exists no central agency to mind for the overall moral, or rational direction of the world, leaving it an orphaned place ! No doubt, the conceptual world has become a specific product, a tool in the hands of any well organized groups, class, or ideology merchants to exploit it for selfish ends !

For the ordinary folk, the world-image thus imposed becomes a great conceptual burden that is most difficult to off-load his shoulders and brain.

h) The science of Hypnotism is based predominantly on the power of 'suggestions'. Is the category of world a collective illusion formed by the power of suggestion of contemporary norms and values of society ?

This writer was into practice of Hypnotism as a hobby during his college days. Whatever is suggested to the experimental 'subject'/patient when he/she is under hypnotic trance, he/she experience it as real ! Effects of powerful suggestions of health and well-being given under trance sustains even weeks and months after experiment ! Therefore, it could be reliably assumed that, the category of 'world' is the direct result of the powerful suggestions naturally internalized by human-beings from their social, economic, political and cultural surrounding. After all, what is man's reality other than what he collectively believes, and following the values that naturally derive out of such beliefs ?

 Hence, social change could be definitely brought-forth by altering our collective values, myths and norms of society, job of every responsible establishment.

An indispensable asset that modern world must strive to have is a universal life-and-freedom supportive,healthy, positive and long-sustainable conceptual model of the world !

Meaning and 'sense' about life and existence could definitely be altered if mankind recognize the centrality of keeping and propagating more sensible concepts about our collective realities, concepts and notions. Our agencies who are even minutely responsible for pumping collective notions, ideas and concepts about the world must take utmost care in what they create and pump into the world. Exactly like the violation and abuse of physical nature would certainly result in serious atmospheric and environmental pollution and disasters, un-thoughtful and careless production of collective ideas, notions and concepts also would seriously damage man's collective 'space' of the spirit, ( or the 'environment' of the mind) and affect lives of human-beings and their emotional habitats.

Author : Abraham J. Palakudy
Founder: an independent philosophy,mind and polity research initiative
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